Friday, January 20, 2012

Proof There Is No God

Here is a proposition for ya:

G: At least one deity exists.

I will demonstrate ¬G to reasonable certainty, which is the standard of proof used by everyone that is not a mathematician, theistic goalpost shifting notwithstanding.

This post is an outline of all the elements of the proof. Individual topics will be covered in their own post. Entries below that do not link to anything are topics I intend to cover but have not gotten to yet. Each topic will have a link back to this post. This post will be edited frequently. The list of topics is not yet comprehensive. I appreciate suggestions for additions to the list.

There are many arguments affirming G, or a more specific proposition that implies G. Obviously the truth of ¬G depends on all of these arguments being unsound. This is a [not yet comprehensive] list of all significant arguments for the existence of a deity, from antiquity to modern times, their major variations, and my refutations of them:

  • The Cosmological Argument
    • Aquinas
    • Kalam
  • The Teleological Argument
    • Paley
    • Tennant
    • Swinburne
  • The Ontological Argument
    • Anlsem
    • Plantinga
  • Miracles
  • Religious Experiences
  • Argument from Benefit
  • Scripture
    • The Vedas
    • Torah
    • Bible
    • Qur'an
  • Foundationalism (faith)

Demolishing every argument put forth in favor of a deity establishes negative atheism. If there is no reason to believe in a god, the only reasonable position is not to believe in gods. Theism's problems don't stop there, though, because there are good reasons to believe that things like gods probably can't exist, and that the currently popular deities definitely don't exist.

  • The Teleological Argument (this is not a copy-paste error, the argument backfires)
  • Incomprehensibility of religious language
  • Logical impossibility of divine attributes
    • Omniscience
    • Omnipotence
    • Acorporeal
  • The Argument from Evil
    • Refutation of various Theodicies

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